About us

Watchers was founded in 2021 by visionary co-founders who have been the operational leaders of the company since then.

In our initial phase, we tested our ideas on our own B2C app and later transitioned the most successful strategies to a B2B SaaS platform.

Our vision for Watchers was to transform audiences' engagement with real-time and video content by offering interactive experiences.

Our approach is to ensure an intuitive and trusted environment for end-users, aiming to elevate their experience to the highest level. As a result, our community chats lead to remarkable growth in our partners' metrics, such as engagement, time spent, retention, and transactions.

Today, Watchers is a SaaS platform catering to a wide variety of global platforms, connecting with an impressive audience of over 20 million users across these platforms.

In 2023, Watchers was selected as one of the most promising AI start-ups for the Aim High Accelerator program by AWS.

Our partners

Our Mission

We aspire to transform passive users into active participants, creating vibrant online communities that engage, communicate, and bond over shared experiences.

By doing that, we imbue platforms with deeper social value, enriching every interaction.

Our Vision

We envision a world where people are connected across the globe around the content they love, sharing their thoughts, emotions, and insights in real-time, and where they are not just consumers of content but active participants in their experiences on the platforms.

We are going to become the leading provider of community-driven engagement solutions in the digital space, empowering platforms to drive stronger engagement, cultivate loyal user bases, and achieve unparalleled growth.

Our Core Values

  • Partnership

    We believe in the power of strategic partnerships. As a B2B SaaS provider, we seek to work alongside our platform partners to understand their unique challenges and deliver bespoke solutions that drive growth and improve user engagement.

  • Value Creation

    Our goal is to create value at every touchpoint. For our platform partners, we aim to deliver solutions that enhance their performance metrics. For end users, we strive to elevate their viewing experience, transforming passive consumption into an active, communal activity.

  • Excellence

    We strive for the highest standards in our technology, customer service, and overall user experience.

  • Responsibility

    Our mission is to assist platforms in building communities. It's vital for us to ensure these communities are healthy, comfortable, and life-improving for all members.

Our Leadership Team

The highly qualified and dedicated team works worldwide together at Watchers to provide the best experience for our clients, their end users, and society. Please meet our Leadership team, who are happy to help you make your platform social and boost your business metrics.

  • Yana Barden

    Co-Founder and CEO

    Two decades of entrepreneurial and executive leadership across media, entertainment, and technology sectors. Passionate about transforming the digital viewing landscape and bringing new values for brands.

  • Sergey Andreychenko

    CTO, Co-Founder

    Twelve years of spearheading tech teams and designing infrastructure solutions. Sergey ensures the solution's technical excellence and scalability. His commitment is to build resilient and adaptable systems that can grow with partners' needs.

  • Adel Gaisin

    CPO, Co-Founder

    Ten years of crafting products for media, entertainment, and e-commerce industries. Adel is keen on utilizing his product vision to create immersive and engaging user experiences for Watchers' partners.

  • Aleksander Golmakov

    Product Designer

    10 years of experience in product design with focus on building a systems and solving complex problems.

  • Alina Kuzo

    Head of Content

    About ten years of Alina's experience in entertainment media ensures the highest quality of complementary content and moderation facilities, cultivating an environment where users can engage in a trusted space.

  • Nikita Kuvykin

    Head of Development

    Since 2016, Nikita has been leading the development processes. He is excellent in ruling large teams and can provide the whole process from MVP to a ready solution with the highest quality.

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