AdmiralBet: public sports chats on the betting platform

AdmiralBet: public sports chats on the betting platform

AdmiralBet, Serbian betting service, aimed to provide in-app tools for players to increase betting activity, revenue, and users’ loyalty.


Active players tend to bet on different platforms and discuss bets. Also, there are several types of bettors and players — experts who want to share their expertise and newbies who seek advice. So, bettors need a place to gather in communities.

Our partner aimed to provide it, gathering betting communities on the platform and uniting fans around sports, by adding chats about football, basketball, tennis, and fantasy games, and one general chat as a lounge online room.

What ‘Watchers’ has done

  • Placed a customized chat room. There is one entry point, users can participate in five chats dedicated their favourite sports. The chat button is available on the section with live events and in separate sports section. The functionality is available on the web, mobile web, and apps. Users can communicate via text, animated emoji, and stickers. They see chats only if they are authorized.
  • Delivered a three-layer moderation, including the tools for moderation by real people. That provided a healthy space for users' conversations.
  • Provided full data.

User journey

  • Authorized users can click chat button any moment they place a bet. After opening it, they see a chat tabs with four sports and a general chat, and choose where they want to communicate. They can change tabs with different chats when they want.
  • When they join a chat for the first time, users have to choose an avatar and create a nickname. Then, they can communicate, reply and react to each others’ messages, and report them if necessary.

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