The betting platform case: adoption 45%, the betting activity growth by 10%

The betting platform case: adoption 45%, the betting activity growth by 10%

One of the biggest betting platforms in CIS countries, Liga Stavok (500K active users), wanted to provide in-app socialization tools for bettors, assuming it could increase betting activity and revenue.


Active players tend to bet on different platforms simultaneously and discuss bets. Also, there are several types of bettors and players — experts who want to share their expertise and newbies who seek advice. Bettors need a place to gather in communities.

Our partner aimed to provide it, gathering betting communities around the platform. Opportunities for players to share their bets and ideas would encourage them to spend more time on the platform and do more transactions.

What Watchers did

  • Placed a customized chat room linked to every event on the platform. The functionality is available on the web and mobile apps (Android, iOS). Users can communicate via text, animated emoji, and stickers. They are able to do it only if they are authorized.
  • Delivered a three-layer moderation, including in-flight moderation by real people. That provided a healthy space for users' conversations.
  • Provided full data, including dashboards and semantic analysis of UGC content.
  • Added customized improvements such as the last message widget, copy-betting widgets, achievements, and badges.

The project status

Now community chats are available for every event on the services on all platforms. We’ve added cope-betting widgets and plan to work further to support and improve the feature. So, we are working on an ML model for high-quality AI moderation and other improvements for the best service.

Additional features

>Achievements and badges to stimulate them and grow their loyalty to the brand.

>Copy-betting widget to allow users to share their bets in chats easily and other users to copy bets by clicking the button.

>Opportunity to transfer messages with early signals of technical issues to the support was added. It helps the platform avoid additional expenses due to solving the problems in the early stages.


>40% of gamers have already converted to communicators. The platform demonstrates a 10% of incremental growth in transactions. Users send up to 100K messages daily. Also, the partner reports about significant CSI growth and use this social and engagement functionality as a strong competitive advantage on the market.

>Preliminary results of the copy-betting widget implementation: 3,5 repeats for every shared bet; conversion from 'Bet_Open’ to ‘Bet_Send’ — near 70%.

Users share that a chat is their new favourite feature and the reason why they choose this betting platform: here they can be heard and get a piece of advice when needed.

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