Olympics’ case for sports TV channel

Olympics’ case for sports TV channel

The biggest CIS sports TV channel, Match TV, wanted to provide an opportunity for socialization for their viewers, and we delivered.


To digitalize partner's users who watch TV broadcasting channel but are not into the brand, to connect viewers to each other and the platform, and provide the safe space for their communication that would be based on the Olympic games only, chats as online stadiums to support the teams.

What Watchers did

  • Created the chat on the mobile web where people discussed the Olympics and shared their emotions while watching. Users were able to communicate via text and animated emoji.
  • Delivered the three-layer moderation system, including in-flight moderation by real people. That provided a healthy space for users' conversations.
  • Provided full data, including real-time dashboard and semantic analysis of UGC content (users' messages).

User journey

  1. Users turn their TV on and choose the Match TV channel
  2. Scans the QR code with their mobile device
  3. Users get to the mobile chat dedicated to the broadcasted event
  4. They type their nickname, and enjoy communication

Users activated a chat by

  • scanning a QR code on a TV screen with a smartphone. The code appeared on a TV screen every 30 minutes during every match. The CTA was “Scan code, join the chat, share your emotions!”
  • tapping the direct link was posted on Match TV social media accounts

Also, users were able to invite their friends into the chat. We wanted to increase the audience by creating a live stadium atmosphere where people can share their feelings, support each other and unite around the Games and favorite teams.


—The partner got around 100K active digital sessions in chats. 90% of users joined the chat by scanning the QR code, and around 10% followed a link on social media or via friends' invitations.

—There were activity explosions when the QR-code had appeared on a screen during the important matches, and we had no technical issues from the project started to the end of the Games.

—Regardless of the inconvenient timing of matches, users communicated in the chat from the early morning up to the end of the day (we closed the chat when the Olympics Day ended and opened it before the start of the first game). We found out that users were waiting for the chat's opening. They built a true online community around the Games.

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