Tools for fast and easy customization, a system for effective support for chat users

Tools for fast and easy customization, a system for effective support for chat users

What have our partners gotten with the last Watchers' release.

For us, it’s crucial to improve user experience and to help our partners to become love brands. Not everything in this improving process connects not only with the users’ interface but with the service on the partners’ side.

So, at the last Release (11.8.23), we added tools for partners to set chats and their service to customize service on the partner’s side and try different options for visualization of chats. We added the internal system to set the support for chat users. Also, started to provide AI moderation based on ML models.

Customization tools

The latest Release covers the area of visual customization. Since now, our partners can customize chats through the admin panel with the help of Figma. It’s an easy process that any designer can do. Our partners can find the tutorial here.

Also, partners can set constituent elements for chats on their side, allowing them to react to the feedback and chats’ results much faster. So, it’s possible to show or hide a user counter, chat rules before an entry to the chat, profile settings button, and other additional elements. Also, partners can add new reactions to messages, change a preloader, and upload new animated reactions. So, keep chats up to date easily.

Support section

The admin panel has got a new section—Technical Supports Requests. 

Usually, users don’t like to write letters to a support email. If they go to a support chat, it means they are on the edge, and their experience was crushed. But the first step in the process of facing a tech issue is sharing with other users: “It doesn’t work,” “Is this only my problem?” “Guys, girls, who have the same issue?.”

To help partners get these early signals and solve issues on the first steps, we added the opportunity for moderators to send messages of this type directly to the support. It’s faster and better than waiting when users are so profoundly disappointed that they decide to go to the support themselves.

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