The stock trading app case: upgrading the user experience to a new level

The stock trading app case: upgrading the user experience to a new level

A trading app, Tinkoff Investments, wanted to provide in-app experts’ audio streams for users, assuming it could increase trading activity and retention.


The main goal—to upgrade the app with audio public rooms and text chats.

The partner wanted to provide the streams about investment news to discuss strategies, stock, quotes, and market, and engage shareholders in conversation and making deals.

The Tinkoff Investments app has in-app opportunities for users to become leaders and experts, a feed with opinions, so audio streams and real-time events would become an organic next step in the development.

What Watchers did

  • Placed customized in-app chat rooms that are opened by scheduling. The functionality is available on mobile apps (Android, iOS). Added countdown (it is shown before rooms start).
  • Provided the admin tools to schedule online rooms, manage and set them and admit speakers.
  • Added CTA linked to a chat button, prompting users to participate in chats, discuss bets and share emotions. Users can communicate via text, animated emoji. Also, they can ask for speaking rights and, after getting them, communicate with voice.
  • Delivered tools for moderation. That provides a healthy space for streams.
  • Provided full data, including real-time dashboard and semantic analysis of UGC content (users' messages).
  • Added customized improvements such as tools for recording streams.

The project status

Audio rooms are regularly provided by the partner (several weekly events). We've added widgets for publishing polls, quizzes, and marketing messages. We are working on new features to improve UX and continue improving the partner's business metrics.

Results and users’ insights

1-3K of participants per stream; up to 10 events per week.

Users participate streams actively, they find the feature useful and convenient but they seek for opportunity to serf the app during while streams are going and want to re-listen to it afterward. And that’s the reason why we provided the tool for streams recording — now the platform can share with users all ended streams.

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