The VoD case: the platform becomes social and provides new opportunities for viewers

The VoD case: the platform becomes social and provides new opportunities for viewers

One of the top five video-on-demand platforms in CIS countries, Wink (3,6 mln users in 2022), wanted to provide an opportunity to discuss every piece of content available for users, in separate public chats.


Turn users into socialized and increase platform’s retention. Also, due to broadening the functionality, to highlight the platform among other VoD services and make the service the love brand for users.

What Watchers did

  • Placed a customized chat room linked to every piece of content on the platform: films, series, and TV channels. The functionality is available on the web and mobile web (apps and Smart TV — wip).
  • Added CTA linked to a chat button, prompting users to participate in chats, discuss content and write reviews and opinions about it. Users can communicate via text, animated emoji, and stickers. They are able to do it only if they are authorized.
  • Delivered a three-layer moderation. That provided a healthy space for users' conversations.
  • Provided full data, including real-time dashboard and semantic analysis of UGC content (users' messages). Also, reports with conclusions about what content users prefer to discuss.

The project status

Now chats are integrated into the web and mobile web versions of platforms. We are working on integration community chats to apps (Android, iOS) and SmartTV.


25% of those who visited the content page have already converted into communicators (the number is growing). The platform reports about increasing in retention and users’ satisfaction.

What users think

  • Users are grateful for opportunity to send their opinions and review about content at once after watching, without searching other platform specialising on reviews.
  • Users seek for the opportunity to watch content in sync because they like to discuss it while watching.
  • Users notice in a good way the level of moderation and the difference between quality of chats on social media and YT and on Wink.

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