Social service to boost audience on your platform

Co-watching a content and communicating by text and voice


  • For video platforms

    A white label solution, easily integrated with your platform to boost the audience and recurring revenues.

    Allows the simultaneous co-watching of movies, series and sports and communication by text and voice. We have solutions for mobile apps, web and SmartTV/ STB.

  • For betting companies

    A white label social solution, easily integrated into your website and mobile apps to boost the audience and volume of betting activity.

    Users invite each other to your platform to cheer on a team and place bets together.

  • For trading platforms

    A white label social solution, easily integrated into your website and mobile app to boost the audience and volume of trading activity.

    You can provide public chats for traders and arrange voice streams with experts, thus boost adoption for beginners and increase monetisation of your services.


Virtual space for your premieres and sporting events

  • Voice communication

    Give rights to speak to a host or to everyone in a room

  • Text communication

    Users talk to each other right on your platform and stay longer

  • Advanced moderation

    Automated pre-moderation and live support as a service

  • User generated rooms

    Allow users watching a content in-sync with friends and communicate

  • Editorial public rooms

    Create virtual events, invite hosts, gather the audience

  • Social trading and betting

    Share a deal, follow the deal


  • Mobile apps

    watching content and interacting within your app

  • Desktop

    watching content and interacting on a desktop computer

  • Second-screen solution

    watching on a big screen while using the app to socialize


Boost the key metrics of your platform easily!

  • +30% of audience

    Users invite friends to your platform to spend time together

  • +20% monthly retention

    Users find a platform more appealing to them

  • +15% of recurring revenue

    Socialised audience is more active and makes more paid actions