An amazing appfor watching movies,shows and sports withfriends and celebs

Allows watching in sync with friends, famous people and awesome Cinephile bot

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  • Watchwith friends

    Choose a movie, create a private room, invite friends, watch in sync!

  • Watchwith celebs

    Amazing variety of public rooms with experts, comedians and bloggers

  • Communicateeasily

    Talk, text and share your emotions

  • AddCinephileto the chat

    Users can text or talk to each other while watching and spend more time with your content

  • Havesomethingto sayto the world?

    Are you a psychologist, stylist or scientist? Choose a movie about it, create a room, invite followers, watch and discuss together!


We are here to bring people the most amazing and engaging viewing experience, together with our Partners.

  • Yana Bardintseva

    Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

  • Alexander Ivanov

    Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder

  • Adel Gaisin

    Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder

  • Sergey Andreychenko

    Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder